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Dog Zodiac Signs: Leo Season is here 🦁

Leo: The Zodiac's Royalty

Leo is the sign of the king, queen, performer and the lion. They are proud beings who are born to rule, born to shine and love being the center of attention. Naturally charismatic, they exude warmth, vitality and power. Leo canines don’t like competition; they prefer being a single dog in a household that worships them and caters to their every need. They also adore being groomed and pampered and look forward to a trip to the doggy spa. Whether out on a hike or strolling through downtown, these celebrity pups will make you look like a star.


Check out the entire Trill Paws Zodiac Collection here - gold and white enamel zodiac horoscope leo ID tag | Trill Paws

Check out the entire Trill Paws Zodiac Collection here