Hello to all, my name is Rachel Jones and I am the owner of Trill Paws. I launched in Spring of 2018 with the idea to create pet ID tags that you've never, ever seen before.

Growing up, my parents ALWAYS had dogs, so I was very used traditional pet ID tags. You know, the ones you'd purchase from an automated machine from a store like Petco. 

Fast forward, years later, I found myself at a point in life where I was working as an assistant and I truly wasn't fulfilled, so I started to explore what the next step in my life was going to be. During that exploration, I constantly found myself going back to that cliche saying we've all heard time and time again... Find something you're passionate about, and do that for a living.

Frankly, there were few things I was passionate about, but I knew nothing made my heart smile more than...DOGS, and as basic as it sounds, it's true 😩

So one afternoon, in early December 2017, my boyfriend and I sat down at our local coffee shop, M Street Coffee with one mission...figure out how to turn my love for dogs into a business. Four cups of coffee and two hours later, BOOM, Trill Paws was born.