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Who are we?

Trill Paws is a pet accessory and lifestyle brand based out of Los Angeles, California. Trill Paws creates pet tags and accessories that are inspired by pop-culture icons and sayings -- anything  from emoji designs, popular sayings, fun memes, and more.

At Trill Paws, we know that dogs aren’t just pets; they’re family, and they deserve the best. The best tags, the best toys, the best spot in the bed. We’re basically driven to be the people our pets think we are. 


Hi, I’m Rachel, Founder of Trill Paws, and more importantly, this is my baby boy, Kevin.
Trill Paws was created out of my over-the-top obsession for dogs and my love of Pop-Culture.  A couple of years ago I dreamt up a concept for a pet accessories company that would  appeal to fun and trendy pet owners who love dogs and design. So many pet ID tags on the market are dull and can be a bit boring, so we design tags and accessories that are unique, refreshingly fun and totally on trend.
Today, I work day in and day out to create relatable + unique products for your pups along with making sure every customer has a superb shopping experience.