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Blind Mini Charm

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  • $12.00

Introducing our innovative Mini Charms, the perfect complement to your pet's ID tag! These charming additions, which include a gold split ring, are designed to enhance your pet's safety and convey important information in a stylish and practical way. Our Mini Charms come in three distinct styles: "NEEDS MEDS," "REWARD," and "BLIND," allowing you to choose the charm that best suits your pet's unique needs.

Crafted from high-quality PVC rubber, our Mini Charms are not only visually appealing but also gentle on your pet's ID tags. With a careful focus on design, these charms are specifically created to prevent scratching or damaging the other tags attached to your pet's collar. You can have peace of mind knowing that your pet's identification remains intact and legible while benefiting from the added functionality of our Mini Charms.

Sizing: Circumference of 0.55 inches