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Quality - Our tags are built to withstand all of your pets adventures and the engraving is clear and long lasting. Many of you have tried the instant machines at the big box selections or discount tag websites and agree those tags just don't hold up to normal wear. We're different. 

Our pet tags are made from the highest quality materials and each tag is laser engraved to ensure it won't fade.

We are so confident that you and your pet will love your new tag that we’ll guarantee it.

Engraving Guarantee - Our priority is to keep your pets safe. We guarantee that the engraving on every pet tag we sell will be legible for the lifetime of the pet tag. if the engraving  fades, we'll send you a new one. (Normal Wear and tear outside of the engraving is not guaranteed)

Customer Service - We are available by email and usually respond within a couple of hours. We can help you with any questions and would be happy to help pick the perfect tag for your pet.

Chipped Pets need tags too! - If your pet is lost in your neighborhood, a Trill Paws tag can get them home much faster than a chip; no ride to the pound to see if their scanner will read your brand of microchip. With a tag, they can call you directly or even take your pet home! And a pet with a collar and tags doesn't look like a stray- people are much more likely to help your lost pet. All pet organizations recommend ID tags- even for chipped pets.